3 Benefits of the Tallinn –Helsinki Cooperation

AmCham Estonia and AmCham Finland just launched a close cooperation. What are the benefits for a member? Why don’t you start with these three!

There are many ways to get tangible benefits from an international business hub. Some companies focus on relationship management: they bring their guests to a business luncheon, for example, or trace sales leads. Others focus on enhancing the business environment though policy work. Whatever works for you, you can now scale it up. Scaling up is the most important value proposition of the cooperation between AmCham Estonia and AmCham Finland.

Benefit #1: More Strategic Programming

This is not a merger. AmCham Estonia and AmCham Finland will continue to run separate programs for their own memberships. However, as part of the cooperation, there will now be a number of events and initiatives that are hosted jointly and are open to members from both chambers.

You can see the five main events HERE.

All the events are aligned with major strategic initiatives, which the AmChams promote in their policy work and public relations.

The AmChams would, for example, like to see a Baltic rail connection, “Rail Baltica,” that continues from Tallinn to Helsinki, preferably through an underwater tunnel. They also want to have direct access to the highest-level decision-makers as well as to prime-ministerial events on both sides of the sea.

An agenda like this is likely to draw the attention of the most influential business leaders nationally and internationally.


Benefit #2: a Better Business Case

Most member companies have a presence across the greater region. For them, having regional networks, contacts and access is business-critical.

Achieving this doesn’t just make your life less complicated. Bosses also tend to be pleased when you can kill two birds with one stone and report efficiencies.

The same goes for prospective investors. Instead of two small national markets, a global investor can consolidate its efforts and tap the region in one fell swoop.


Benefit #3: Better Branding

Just in a lovely little extra. The companies that are members of both chambers will be featured throughout the year in AmCham media. Those companies, now 23 in number, are, after all, the poster children for the story we tell the world about this exciting market.

If you’d like to benefit from this visible aspect of the cooperation, just make sure your company in Estonia belongs to both AmCham Estonia and its sister organization AmCham Finland, and you’ll be included.

 Welcome! Tere tulemast! Tervetuloa!