Discover America Committee

This initiative group was launched on June 10, 2008 by the following members:  CWT, Finnair,  Radisson Blu, Wris Travel Agency, SAS.

The main goal of the Discover America Committee is to raise awareness of Estonian tourists about America and let them discover this great country as the main tourist destination. Discover America Committee is strongly supported by U.S. Embassy and is part of the Discover America initiative worldwide.

Discover America Committee gives you great opportunity to promote your company locally and internationally.

As additional benefit we offer your company to place “special offers” on our website for all AmCham members. You will also get a free section for publishing your company  client news in our magazine Estonian Advantage. There is no fee for all these services.

For more information about this committee, please contact ee.ma1675725506hcma.1675725506ved@a1675725506irad1675725506


 Discover America Committee Launch – June 10, 2008

On June 10th AmCham Estonia launched a new Discover America Committee. New Committee initiative group consists of following members: Lufthansa, Kaleva Travel, Finnair, Estravel, Radisson SAS, Wris Travel Agency, Hertz car rental. 


Discover America Seminar for the Baltic Travel Agencies –  October 21, 2011






 Discovering the World of Californian Wines – October 24, 2013

Last Thursday, on October 24, AmCham Estonia in cooperation with the Wine Institute of California and U.S. Embassy held a really special event devoted to the world of Californian wines