Intellectual Property Rights Committee

 To respond to members’ needs, AmCham has established a Committee for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The main goal of this Committee is to lobby for IPR protection and provide leadership that will bring together interested partners. Share information with decision makers and law enforcement is also a priority; the police, judiciary, prosecutors, customs, legislators and journalists are among the initial target group, while the curriculum of university law schools should have more emphasis on IPR.

IPR Committee Members:


Maris Leemets


Maris Leemets
Philip Morris Eesti OÜ
Corporate Affairs Manager



Board Of Directors 2011/2012 6Rain Laane
Microsoft Estonia
Country Manager



Martynas Bieliunas
Microsoft Estonia
Anti-Piracy Lead




 KaiWEBKai Tammist
Philip Morris Baltics
Baltics Communications Manager




Taimi AlasTaimi Alas
U.S. Embassy Tallinn
Economic Section



Brett Makens
U.S. EmbassyTallinn
Economic Officer




Martin HiirMartin Hiir
Eesti Tarkvara Liit




Kaido UdusteKaido Uduste
Business Software Alliance (BSA)



Erik EakoErik Mandre
Estonian Organization for CopyrightProtection
Executive Director




 Marius Kuningas
Estonian Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Centre





DariaDaria Sivovol
AmCham Estonia
Executive Director