Talent & Labor Committee

The American Chamber of Commerce Estonia (AmCham Estonia) believes that Estonia must act decisively on several key Talent Attraction, Retention and Migration issues in the short term to help maintain a competitive position in the region and attract more foreign direct investment into the country. As Estonia positions itself in the region as an Innovative, IT-advanced market and technology-based economy, it is challenged to produce sufficient quantities of the highly qualified labor to meet growing demand. With the problem of aging population, young students going abroad but more and more companies willing to grow and invest into their operations in Estonia, AmCham Labor & Talent Committee believes that in the short term, highly qualified foreign professionals are the answer. But in order for Estonia to be successful in attracting and retaining highly qualified foreign workers, it is essential that they are met with a system and structure that make it attractive to come, work and live in the country. Here the question is not whether we allow foreign talent to come or not, but how to attract them to Estonia while competing with other countries for international talents

The aim of the Talent & Labor committee is to bring together all member-companies that in their everyday business deal with labor market issues, talent attraction and retention, as well as migration issues in Estonia.

Committee Members:

  1. Ramil Pärdi, Triniti Law Firm
  2. Heigo Kaldra, Manpower
  3. Martin Lään, Expat Relocation
  4. Kiira Kure, Hireright Estonia
  5. Kathleen Naglee, International School of Estonia
  6. Andreas Kaju, Meta Advisory

AmCham Talent Attraction and Retention Position Paper

(presented on November 10, 2012):