The times we live in are bursting with change. The turbulent period of economic crisis and downsizing  has now yielded the way to the chamber´s rapid growth, expansion and a new phase of its development.

Throughout the last 3 years, AmCham Estonia has taken on a challenge of not only being the most active business hub in Estonia, but also expanding its reach and activities throughout Europe and the Baltic/Nordic Region.

In 2011, AmCham Estonia was accredited and joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce ( This accreditation enabled us to join a large network of AmChams in Europe ( with the goal to exchange best practice ideas, mutual member company benefits and to provide a forum for discussion, debate and where necessary representation on issues relevant to the European business environment.

2013 marks another important partnership: AmCham Estonia-AmCham Finland collaboration program, which will focus on the concept of “Twin Cities,” the topic of Rail Baltica, and feature member companies that belong to both AmChams. Most importantly, the cooperation will aim to build your networks and provide you with new business opportunities.

More detailed information about each of these partnerships and affiliations is available under a separate tab of this section.

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