AmCham IPR Meeting with Policy-Makers

On December 17, 2014 AmCham Estonia IPR Committee members are invited for a round-table meeting at the Ministry of Justice for the final advocacy meeting of this year to discuss various IP and Trademark Protection matters that have been raised by the committee earlier this year:

  1. The intentions of the recently adopted Penal Code
  2. The ongoing copyright reform with its related laws such as the Law of Obligations Act, Civil Court Proceedings Act etc.



AmCham Estonia has been closely monitoring the developments in Estonia regarding the intellectual property protection and would like to raise some aspects that, in our opinion, would need attention and improvements at both legislative and practical level today.   

We believe that the investigation of intellectual property offences needs to be a high priority for the state and there should be more resources provided to effectively deal with these violations. 

Our members have voiced a strong concern over this situation and find that in order to keep Estonia competitive both in Europe and worldwide, as well as attract new investments related to the development of IPR and IT sectors while supporting innovation and creativity, the state should also guarantee that the intellectual property rights are honoured and effectively protected in the country. 

The meeting will be attended by a delegation from  AmCham IPR Committee that consists of the following members:

  • Erik Mandre, Estonian Organisation for Copyright Protection 
  • Marius Kuningas, EITK
  • Rain Laane, Microsoft Estonia
  • Kai Tammist, Philip Morris Estonia
  • Daria Sivovol, AmCham Estonia
  • Maris Leemets, Philip Morris Estonia
  • Kaido Uduste, BSA
  • Martin Hiir, Eesti Tarkvara Liit
  • Martynas Bieliunas, Microsoft Baltics