The purpose of AmCham Estonia

The purpose of the Chamber is to be the leading representative of US and international business in Estonia and to support and promote the competitiveness of US business in Estonia. The Chamber also supports the Estonian businesses entering the US market.
AmCham Activities & Priorities:

    • strive to improve the investment climate in Estonia;
    • take a stand on economic policy issues related to business associations;
    • initiate modification or termination of laws needlessly impeding the operation of business associations;
    • publicize its standpoint on appropriate issues and provide its standpoint to relevant bodies;
    • support and express its opinion on issues concerning the member’s interests, rights and reputations in different fields of activity;
    • represent the interests of its members before the government of Estonia as well as other bodies;
    • collect and provide information to its members regarding the economical environment, laws and business contacts;
    • organize presentation, seminars, meetings and public relations events;
    • participate in organizations who serve similar purposes such as the US Chamber of Commerce and AmChams in Europe.

What AmCham Does

AmCham works to facilitate regular and personal dialogue between our members and key decision makers, voice members’ concerns and contribute to sustainable solutions.
AmCham offers extensive and credible connections in the political and business arenas – locally and globally. Connect, communicate and stay on top of issues that impact your business.
AmCham makes our members’ needs a priority. From exclusive, targeted marketing opportunities to event organization and company promotions, AmCham Estonia works for you.
In addition to all AmCham seminars and informative conferences, AmCham members regularly receive updates on legislative changes, other events and happenings in various partner organizations, position papers by AmCham committees.

Our Members’ Testimonials

“ We have found being a Charter Gold Member of AmCham Estonia to be an extremely important step in establishing business ties in the local community and indeed further afield. The opportunities to both grow our network and promote our product are endless and to be part of this organisation is something that I feel is not only a benefit, but a necessity in today’s society.”- Brian Gleeson, GM of Radisson Blu Hotel Tallinn

“This is an ideal place for networking, where you can access great partners and share ideas of development and cooperation. In addition, the organization always operates smoothly, in timely manner and communication works perfectly.” – Piret Jaaks, Coca-Cola Hellenic Estonia

“Great possibilities for networking and sharing ideas, also growing potential to affect society positively via success stories and good examples on how to be more competitive and successful as well as socially responsible and sustainable” – Heigo Kaldra, Country Manager, Manpower