Digital Society Committee

The aim of the DS committee is to take a bigger picture of the strategy of Estonia as a Digital Society, with long-term benefits in the form of competitiveness, growth, creation of jobs, innovation, and modern society.

The DS Committee addresses the following topics:

  • Data Protection and e-Privacy (GDPR)
  • Emerging Technologies (AI, 5G, etc.)
  • Cyber Security and Online Safety
  • Technology Transfer & IPR
  • Digital Single Market and the Future of Work
  • E-Commerce

and more..



Committee Members:

  1. Edgars Milgravis, Palo Alto Networks- Committee Chair
  2. Kristian Riber, Google
  3. Mirell Merirand, Estonian Business School (EBS)
  4. Ivo Vaks, Microsoft Estonia
  5. Sergei Bogatenkov, Admirals
  6. Kai Tammist, Philip Morris Estonia
  7. Kristiina Maasik, Telia (5G) 
  8. Christa Torm, Amazon Web Services
  9. Martin Ruubel, Nortal
  10. Andres Pagarand, Oracle
  11. Kairi Uustulnd, Meta Advisory
  12. Henri Ratnik, Lextal Law Firm
  13. Rima Valentukeviciene, IBM
  14. Ats Alber, Nortal
  15. Taimi Veedla, U.S. Embassy Tallinn
  16. Mihkel Miidla, Sorainen
  17. Niels Hollender, Nordisk Consulting Group LLC
  18. Daria Sivovol, AmCham Estonia
  19. Lauri Makke, Cisco Systems
  20. Vitnija Saldava, META
  21. Rauno Kinkar, Lextal Law Firm
  22. Priit Kongo, Net Group
  23. Taavi Einaste, Nortal
  24. Urmas Kõlli, Datel
  25. Ahti Aho, Toggl
  26. Mart Mae, Vaimo
  27. Meeli Taveter, Energisalv
  28. Siim Lepisk, Net Group
  29. Priit Kongo, Net Group
  30. Aleksandr Ragel, Diaway
  31. Andrei Maksimik, Optimist
  32. Mari-Liis Orav, TGS Baltics 


Some of our past activities and events:

Digital Society Committee presents its 2022 Position Paper to Minister Sutt on May 5, 2022 at the Annual General Meeting

Digital Society Committee Holds the First Conference on the Future of Estonian Education with the Minister of Education

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Celebrating the National IPR Day

Annual Intellectual Property Breakfast Meeting

AmCham IPR Committee Meet with the USPTO Representative, Paolo M.Trevisan

AmCham IP Committee Meets with the Ministry of Justice

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