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2021 Comments & Feedback from Members:

Nele Normak 

Public Affairs & Communication Manager Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Coca-Cola Baltic 

AmCham represents great companies, driven by great people all playing a vital part within the Estonian business and social communities. AmCham values resonates soundly within me, providing, as it does, a broad community platform of wise and experienced business professions bonded by common goals – the advancement of, commerce, society and creativity 

Feedback from the anonymous 2019 End-of-Year Survey:

“Very inspirational leaders! A lot to learn how to promote the business!”

“Professionalism, high-level events, the social aspect ”

“Very well organized events, super good topics, interesting people who participate (good networking), AmCham events are truly good!”

“It is so vibrant and you are active in so many different fields. Excellent people as well!”

“Activity and good taste”

“High level of organization ”

“Great discount program with partners (MyFitness, Tallink)!”

“The activeness and overall attitude of the organization”

“Very efficient, agile and active.”

“Ability to network and bring important topics into the light”

“Very active. Events are covering broad range of topics. Very good atmosphere – warm, friendly, respectful.”