Behind The Scenes Tour: ESTONIA Piano Factory

October 25, 2019 | ‒

On October 25, AmCham members were once again invited to visit the Estonia Piano Factory. This was the fourth tour of the company within the past few years, but again and again, it sells out within just a few hours! And of course, again, this time we could clearly understand this phenomenon –  Indrek Laul, the Owner of the factory (and President of AmCham Estonia), is truly passionate about his business and can light up with a fresh breath of inspiration anyone, who gets to take a glance at the behind the scenes of the Estonia Piano Factory.

Estonia grand and concert pianos are the result of an idea of perfection – to craft inspirational instruments by hand using only the best-suited materials and experienced craftsmen.

Each piano receives several tunings and voicings. First, the pianos get played by a player machine at the factory, so that the strings would be stretched and piano action would get a good workout. Thereafter it is tuned, voiced and regulated again. Second, the piano is played and evaluated by a member of the Laul family, and when necessary, more tuning and voicing would get done. Each piano receives a high degree of attention to detail that makes the piano performance a pure joy!

A huge thank you to Indrek and Triin Laul, for once again letting us into the factory full of music, talent, passion, and inspiration!

And of course, we would like to thank our members for joining us!

Event photos by Sergei Krasii, © FotkiAgency for AmCham Estonia