AmCham Policy and Advocacy Priorities 2013/2014
Estonian National Competitiveness in the Region: 

Ways to Improve Estonia´s Attractiveness and Business Climate

The importance of a strong FDI sector in Estonia presents AmCham with a unique opportunity to be the strong collective voice on the importance of FDI.  As one of the most active business organizations in the country with a truly global perspective, we are in a strong position with policy makers to drive a focused business agenda.

Based on the feedback from our members, we have identified 4 main topics that AmCham describes as The Pillars of Estonian National Competitiveness.

The following 4 Position Papers have been compiled and issued by various AmCham Committees, bringing together the views of specialists and experts from a variety of industries to analyze and combine the opinions of the entire AmCham membership. These Position Papers are presented together in this one publication for your attention and consideration.

The aim of this publication is to convey the views of the AmCham Estonia membership on matters of key relevance and to improve the business climate in the country.


AmCham Position Briefs and White Papers

In 2013  AmCham issued a series of position briefs and white papers on the 4 topics indicated above. Two of the following white papers have been released by AmCham already in the end of 2012. The remaining two are to be released in the beginning of 2013.

These white papers are being drafted by each of the AmCham committees based on the responses from all AmCham members. The aim of each position paper is to bring forward the concerns put forward by members in various spheres and industries and communicate them to the decision-makers in the country.

AmCham Position Papers Released in 2013:










AmCham Estonia speaks for American, Estonian and International companies operating in Estonia and aims to ensure a growth-orientated business and investment climate in the country.

AmCham Committees

AmCham Estonia’s Committees bring together specialists and experts from a variety of industries and disciplines to generate new initiatives and communicate the views and opinions of the entire membership on a range of topics. Much of their activities involve commenting on and proposing changes to drafts of legislation prepared by the government. All committees try to supply AmCham member companies with useful information and advice in a particular area. In order to share ideas and strategies to tackle common business-related concerns, some committees actively cooperate with other foreign chambers in Estonia and AmChams in the region.

AmCham Committees are open exclusively to employees of AmCham member companies. To join any one of the committees listed below, please download, fill out and return the committee sign-up sheet to the AmCham Office.

Following, is the list of AmCham Estonia Committees:

  1. Taxation Committee
  2. Talent & Labor Committee
  3. Intellectual Property Rights Committee
  4. Social Responsibility Committee
  5. Overseas Security Advisory Council
  6. Discover America Committee