2021: Highlights

Recap of the Main Events and Activities

In 2021, we have been able to organize 40 events as:

30 online events: ’AmCham Meets with the Government series’, our Committee meetings, different HBR events, and two different Women In Leadership events in Spring and Autumn;

2 hybrid events: Responsible AI Forum in February and Pan-Baltic Forum in May;

8 in-person events:

3 meetings with policymakers: Amcham meeting with Andres Sutt, Amcham Annual meeting with Prime Minister and Member Dinner with Yoko Alender;

2 social events: Summer Kick-Off with Forus and August Company visit with Port Of Tallinn;

1 coffee morning event: Amcham Breakfast with OSAC;

1 Charter Gold special: Amcham Gold Movie night powered by Coca-Cola Baltics

We are also really proud of the following publications this year:

  • Yearbook 2021 digital version was published in April – available HERE
  • The Healthcare Committee updated and renewed position paper was published in May – available HERE
  • Digital Society position paper was published in May – available HERE

Other initiatives carried out this year:

And here is short summary of our 2021 Membership Developments: