COP26: transatlantic business committed to climate action

Spanning over 13 days from 31 October to 12 November, and bringing together world leaders, thousands of negotiators, government representatives, academics, businesses, and citizens – COP26 looks set to be a monumental event in context of the global climate agenda.

In anticipation of the imminent launch of the COP26 summit in Glasgow, the American business community represented by 37 AmChms in Europe has come together in a joint statement to reaffirm commitment to the goals of the conference as well as the emissions reductions targets set out by the Paris Agreement.  

The joint statement sets out to deliver three key messages:  

  • US industry in Europe is committed achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement; 
  • Industry is already playing a big role in driving innovation towards low carbon technologies and will continue to do so; 
  • International cooperation is essential and transatlantic partners have the potential to lead the global race to net zero. 

It is the vehement belief of the co-signatories that only through cooperation and shared dialogue between all stakeholders can we achieve the carbon-neutral economy that is necessary to benefit the lives of the current generation and the many generations to come.

Read more in the full statement, including the list of co-signatories who are committed to COP26.